Exciting Future Of Linux & Open Source -Linus Torvalds

In a recent enlightening conversation, Dirk Hondel, the head of the open source program at Verizon, sat down with the creator of Linux and Git, Linus Torvalds, to discuss various aspects of open source development, Linux kernel updates, and the impact of AI on coding.

Open Source Journey and Development Process

Linus shared his experiences and challenges in public speaking, preferring a more interactive Q&A format over traditional lectures. He also reminisced about his 23-year journey with Linux, highlighting his preference for discussions over monologues.

The Evolution and Future of Linux

Discussing Linux kernel development, Linus described the release process as “boring but good,” emphasizing stability and bug minimization. He also touched on Linux 6.7, pointing out its significance as potentially the largest release in terms of commits, mainly due to a new filesystem that had been in development for a decade.

Rust in Linux Kernel: A Step Towards Innovation

The conversation moved to the integration of Rust into the Linux kernel, which Linus sees as a necessary step to avoid stagnation and keep the project evolving. While Rust hasn’t yet become a major part of the kernel, it’s expected to grow in importance, bringing new dynamics to the development process.

The Aging Problem in Open Source

A notable concern was the aging demographic of kernel maintainers, raising questions about the future leadership of the project. While it’s a testament to the community’s stability, it also underscores the need for younger talent to step up.

Artificial Intelligence in Code Development

The duo discussed the potential of AI in programming, particularly large language models (LLMs). Linus was optimistic about AI aiding in coding, specifically in identifying obvious bugs and patterns. However, Dirk expressed concerns about AI-induced errors without human oversight.

The Shift from Open Code to Open Data

Lastly, they explored the transition from open source code to open data, reflecting on how data has become more influential than code in shaping our world. Linus stressed the importance of neutrality in open source projects, underscoring the Linux Foundation’s role in providing a neutral collaboration space.

Conclusion: Embracing Change and Continual Improvement

The conversation concluded on a note of looking forward, with Linus emphasizing the importance of focusing on immediate steps rather than long-term plans in the ever-evolving tech landscape. The duo also shared light-hearted thoughts on the next Open Source Summit location, showing their personal affinity for Japan.

This insightful dialogue not only highlighted the past achievements and current trends in open source development but also shed light on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in this dynamic field.






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